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Bounty on my Head

Your "Christian friends"all have a price!

The Gardena cohort of CanaGlobal, Inc. was not easy to reach or to convince. One classmate helped me by vouching for my diligence. That gave me proof that Gerald Samuel Duran lied under oath.

Another classmate was actually interested in my entanglement with Gerald S. and supported me but had no faith that I would ever collect from the serial entrepreneur. Why should she? He was a pro and as slick as they come. She put her money on Gerald-S without blinking.

Boy, was she shocked to find out that I collected and then some! She was dying to know how I did what I did. However, she was willing to be patient to find out how. She even went so far as to wish the best for me, offering me wise words of advice that I forge ahead with my original venture dreams.

Well, guess who turned me in when Gerald-S put out the word that he needed the help of anyone whom I had contacted? You would be right! Miss-Words-of-Wisdom, herself! Who can turn down a reward especially when the victim doesn't have to know who and how he was screwed.

I can't blame her though. She has to put bread on the table just like the rest of us, and I'm assuming that she probably has little mouths to feed, although I don't recall how she described her home situation.

Well, being vigilant as I was how high the stakes were, I thought that is was in my interest to be suspicious of anyone and everyone. Barry Russell Goldman taught me that harsh lesson all too recently.

I cannot say for sure, but this evasive maneuver timed at the right moment may have saved my ass. I don't know how, but the domain that I fully expected to be yanked back after a week or so, is still in my possession.

Stunned as I was that a fellow Christian would betray another, for money of all reasons, it just goes to show that in the arena of business or economics, you can trust a Christian as far as you can throw them. Probably half as far as you can throw a non-Christian is more like it.

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