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Exodus 20:16 and the Real Problem that Christians and Kingdom Entrepreneurs have with it.

The Ten Commandments may just be Impossible to Follow

Pastor Osteen says, "Kingdom Entrepreneurs, set an example! Always Tell the TRUTH!"

I’ve been following an interesting case of a nonprofit entrepreneurship community named CanaGlobal, Inc., based in Gardena, California, that’s doing business as It is run by Pastor Scott Ray Fairchild, who is looking for a second act following the demise of his traditional church.

Pastor Scott did his best to demur from the case in order to remain consistent with the narrative that Gerald Samuel Duran has been promulgating in their court-hearing defense. However, the Statement of Information that was required for 2019 and their company website said differently.

Can you serve as the Chief Financial Officer and never be part of the management team at an organization? Can you be CFO and never have received a payment that cleared your company account?

Can you be a co-founder without having an ownership stake?

Does a company’s CFO, COO and co-founder need to be “temporarily asked be a part of the nonprofit board as a Pastoral advisor”? When CanaGlobal, Inc.’s nonexempt status was revoked, Gerald Samuel pivoted it online and re-registered it as a for-profit L.L.C. in Scottsdale, Arizona. Meanwhile, Pastor Scott created the new nonprofit entity ‘Cross Road South Bay’ to operate “The Lab,” where CanaGlobal, Inc. previously took up residence.

Caption: $#%& !! (

So this contract-dispute case is about a simple bait-and-switch at the time that the payment was received. Instead of a consulting fee based on performance, Gerald Samuel considered it as a straight bulk counseling purchase. Self-ordained Christian minister, G. Samuel lied under oath throughout the entire hearing, but the Judge kept finding holes to drill into his story.

G. Samuel lied under oath throughout the entire hearing…

Luckily, G. Samuel deftly negotiated the dismissal ahead of time for his son Defendant G. Brandon and partner Defendant Pastor Scott knowing full well that by virtue of having moved out of California, collecting any judgment whichever way it went, would become moot.

Imagine having to tell the truth all the time! The game of golf is predicated on it. You call yourself out when you make a mistake. However, this would be a severe handicap for any kingdom entrepreneur. Every other entrepreneur is allowed to bend, stretch and even break the truth, but a Christian believer ought not do so.

I refer to this verse rather than the Commandment number because it is counted as either №8 or №9 depending on what denomination you follow.

Change my mind, please.

Are you an evangelical Christian? I would love to find out your opinion about lying. Is it okay for Believers under certain circumstances? Are they somehow resistant to the tangled web that ensnares the rest of us? Change my mind, please.

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