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My Favorite Gerald Samuel Duran Quotes

“Guess who always has the solution to your problem? Well, is that you, Gerald? You know what? I probably um can do about 90% of them, and the 10% I can’t get… You know who I go to? God. The very same person…”

“I’m getting really pissed at you right now. Because I’ve spent a year with you when this does not take as long and I’ve been very very kind and generous. And I don’t… I don’t appreciate this bullshit. You’d better change your attitude right now because I’m not putting up with this shit from you. Okay, I’m not playing games with you. I’m going to cancel this meeting and when you want to have a real meeting, let me know. Good-bye.”

“8:01: Oh, I thought that that was part of the deal. The Incubator was basically the same as your marketing consulting practice, where you charge $150,000…

8:08/GD: Any… It is, but,…

8:10: 6% on the lift in revenues after that, right?

8:12/GD: It is…”

“I really am going to invest more of my time, my personal time in helping you get this marketing in place.”

“Since we are starting from scratch, so you know in some ways scratch here, should we consider making this faith-based?”

“ok,so i. i will hang tight whenever you I’ll plan on doing this thing together, that will force me to get more involved. and, and but i really think. I really think that um this is really going to be. this is going to be something. because the his plan my plan series that i'm building right now that i'm finishing,i would love.i have a version for the entrepreneurs as mixing with new entrepreneur program. but i'm going to do a standalone,i'd love to build an audience from that.and maybe i can partner with you to do this,to build that audience.”

“so here’s my challenge… i in business turnarounds

they're paying a hundred and fifty to get in and then i take a percentage new revenue that's how it works

“here's the thing with me i sit here and go wait a minute

i don't want to go too cheap i'm the same guy that people pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to get in the room with

“ i would say a month ago

the idea that i'd be sharing what i know for forty nine dollar didn't sit well with me at all

oh by the way guess so i'm having a conversation with this week

Dr. michael k. clifford

yeah i told them that i said i told him that i wanted to learn more about his database

and and so so we're going to have a conversation so that'll be interesting to find out what whether he's doing yeah

you know if i was going to have a mentor he'd be the guy because we have so much in common

you know

i like his videos but those openings i can't stand with that trumpet

“no we need to, we need to record it and… it only lets me um, like, like i have to go in, it only lets me keep like the last one or two recordings um, so they’re only good for about a week when i record ‘em ok?”

i think wealthy people

always believe the rules apply to other people

and they will be people believe (27:24) rules are for the little people that's like leona helmsley

it's interesting because we go down there and (27:50) of course we have our top down we're not wearing masks or anything

in gardena everybody's wearing masks but even wearing mask when they're driving so it's kind of interesting so i can kind of see where

people are thinking while those rules don't apply to me

i only had one person

since 2016

that paid then quit in the middle only one person everybody else has launched and the selling

and that one person when i sit i look at why did he quit

it's because he has five million dollars in the bank

i knew that going in i thought

you know he's not hungry

he was lazy and doing his work you're not lazy everything we've talked about you've mastered

so far

“I’ll tell you this ok leslie and i went on Saturday we went to lowe’s to buy a pole to wash our upstairs windows, a pole and a squeegee, and they have, you know, they have like ten registers and they had one line feeding ten registers and it snaked i mean it was hundreds of people deep and then they're all, everybody's with their mask and then like six feet apart so this long thing, um but I’m sitting there and i'm thinking oh my god I hate being part of the cattle, there’s, there's got to be a shortcut in here some place, so I’m kinda looking around i'm looking around and i noticed that over on the far end where the contractors are, there's

a line there and two registers open, and so we left our place in line and we went over there and it was only like six people and so everybody else probably had an hour wait or half-hour wait, whatever it was a long time, um we took five minutes, so i'm always looking for shortcuts you know

Scott and I were talking about

his church (in May-2018)

two years ago with a dying congregation with a bunch of people fuming over the idea of all these new things that we wanted to do

so (Canada) went in with a lab first

so we waited we went to costco a couple of weeks ago and there's a long line but it wasn't bad

and we went to Lowe’s to get something about a week ago or there was a long, we found a short line and that whole thing but Perry, i just i cannot stand waiting in line

It’s not me

i'm i'm I’ve always been a bit of a rebel

you know some entrepreneur like the rules for other people (40:16) so thank god

i'm not in some kind of


hairstylist because i'd be one of those crazy guys you know going to jail

now on my block everybody's being very careful but he's got i got some people they wear masks to work in the front yard

yeah you know

P: a good followers

their followers

i'm not a follower i'm a leader

“and there's definitely a difference between gardena

and the coast

in gardena people are like sheep they just do what they're told


but you get close to the coast where there's more money

and there's no sheep mentality

you know they’re lions or whatever you know so they make their own rules

it’s kinda like nope, I want firsthand information from God

Here’s the thing. If it weren’t…If we…If we…didn’t have Faith in the equation, I wouldn’t even be doing this Accelerator. Because here’s what I have learned. What, if I look at me. I didn’t go to the right school. I never even went to college. Okay. I’m not that…I didn’t come from the right family. Totally uneducated. Come from poverty. I’m the last guy that has any qualifications to be successful or an entrepreneur. However, God is who decides the winners and losers, cause he creates everybody. So one of the things His Scripture says is that, I love it, I look for the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. So when you sit and you look at all the characters that He used, all throughout history. He never picked anybody from the elite. Nobody. Everybody, I mean…everybody…if you think about Abraham or Moses. I mean, Moses was a murderer. David was an adulterer and a murderer. The Apostle Paul used to kill, for sport, Christians. Um, you know. (chuckles) I mean, if you go through all the history, He chooses who He chooses and then He changes them. That’s why the elite never like you know…That’s why they didn’t like any of His choices because they got you know, who God, God chooses

“but i don't have to ask for forgiveness. Because I’m. already forgiven, he's not going to come back and die on the cross again it’s already done

i am the righteousness of god in jesus christ.i'm as righteous as you could ever get, because that's what the blood of jesus. Did for me”

um, you know there's certain states that are more tax-friendly, and then very secretive too you could be very secretive about who owns, like ah, so if you ever get sued or something like that it's almost impossible for them to serve you, um

“i'm probably i'm probably just going to do a for-profit”

“well we’re, Scott and I are going different directions

Gerald: we’re, we’re you know it’s, it’s

Gerald: yeah, he, and ah HE IS paranoid, well let me say, I don’t want to use the word paranoid he is, um, the whole idea of the state ah, pulling the plug

Gerald: has got him scared to death

Gerald: yeah we can't use the space

Gerald: well i mean you know what i mean we can't do the co-working, can’t do all these other things you know, um,

Gerald: i think he's just, he’s you know he's never, he's never, like he's not, he's never been, like an entrepreneur that has to go risk

Gerald: so he gets his paycheck no matter… you know they met, the, the, they’ve kind of killed off the church and they’ve repositioned it as something a little different that's kind of cool but you know, the truth is they probably have twenty people that, that, that are involved and they make, they never make their money from donations, they make it from renting real estate, um, but they but he's nervous, um, when, when the, when the, when the state first came and like, pulled their plug on that (13:45) and then make, said they owed all these back taxes or, on the building

Gerald: yeah um, yeah i think it was just too much pressure, so

Gerald: so we still work together and all that but, but, i don't see, i'm really not seeing him ever stepping up and doing anything at the center

Gerald: yeah, at that location which i'm fine with which i'm fine with you know um

wow, so that means you're not going to buy other places

Gerald: no, not at all, WE ARE!

Gerald: oh yeah what we're probably,

Gerald: oh, yeah, well it's, it’s, you know it's, it is, in, in the structure, um you know he was on, he was on the board of directors and, and so, you know we treat it like a partnership but he really didn't have any control and, but now he's so nervous about um because, because they keep on coming back to him

and i don't think they like his new church model because it looks, it doesn't look like your traditional church, and they’ve rented out that space to another church so, i think, you know, since, since um, about the time that we stopped doing Lab Talks it was probably, ah you remember because we were talking about it, um, we got it reversed, but when ours didn't go through when Cana's didn't go through it freaked him out, they were really, really nervous so i was like you know, i don't, i don't make my plan based on, um…

Gerald: well, yeah, i'm, we're still, you know, um, we're still in some, you know, we’re still…

Gerald: he would tell you we’re connected and working together, what I would tell you is that, well if we're not going to do something with the building, with the you know, what are we doing, you know? And…

16:00/Perry: so, i don't understand (16:02) you were gonna um, find other open spaces and, and…

Gerald: we are going to develop as whole property and, and um

Gerald: and then look at other spaces to expand into so i didn't want to just come out here for this prop…but this was going to be a model of what it's going to look like

so you want to establish a model first and then franchised it

Gerald: well i'll tell you one of the things that we're exploring right now we're deep into the research so we, you know our go-forward you know there's two parts of Cana there's online which is going to be eighty percent of what we do and then we want to do things twenty percent analog, in-person, and so we've been looking at so we're looking at what's going on with other co-working spaces i think that a lot of them are going out of business and want to sell, we’re looking at coffee shops that could be

co working spaces that that's one of the things we're exploring is creating entrepreneurial hubs in small towns, and that is a trend that's really, you know, small towns are really suffering because the young have moved away and so but what's really taken off in the last five years is small towns that have become entrepreneurial hubs so they built coworking they create an environment where

people from big cities now want to move to them because cost of living so low and they can have ultimate lifestyle and so the small cities get behind an idea like this and they pour all kinds of money into the development

G: so um, one of the people that we're working with is creating a whole model around um you know this problem and the solution where, and so we're really you know i wouldn't say we're going to do it yet but we're in lean canvas with it and it, it seems like it could be a fabulous opportunity, especially with all the tension and racial divide right now, um, small towns are looking very attractive and there's a lot there's already a lot of these that had been done and there's a lot of research, um, but there's not really an entity to go help a, a town through this process, so you know, what we're looking at…

G: … is a lot to create a destination experience, and but also an entrepreneurial hub and so, um, one of the things i like about it is because one of the things that's really appealing to me and take in and buying out space and things like that is where possible to own the real estate, because and that was one of the things that we're looking at with churches because we can get the real estate pretty cheap, and um, you get two hundred churches closing every single week, that’s a lot …every week, so um, the idea of converting churches into kind of what we were trying to do here was very attractive and when possible

buying out the properties um, and um, but i think that one of the things i'm learning, is that (19:25) a lot of the pastors aren't, they aren’t entrepreneurial, so change is really, really hard when they’re, when you're an entrepreneur you run into an obstacle you figure out, it doesn't stop you, you figure out how to dig underneath it or around it go on top of it you look at every angle when you go to your attorney, you know, you go tell me how i do this legally i want to stay out of (grave) but tell me how i do this this is what we're going to do and um, pastors aren’t used to thinking like that,

P: they’re missing that gene

20:03/G: they, they, they are and um so, you know, kind of the experience with scott, it really made me wonder, i wonder, how much of this we're going to run into with other pastors of we're taking over properties, now if we're buying them out…

G: buying properties that's totally different

G: because, because we own them and i don't mind paying taxes on property, i don't care, it's not that much money”

“and i can finally carry a gun again, in case i need to shoot somebody

Kingdom Entrepreneur, Christian Minister, Scott Ray Fairchild, Gerald Brandon Duran, CanaGlobal, Inc.,

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